Pro Event — Friday, July 25, 2014

Come watch the kiter Pros light it up in Men's, Women's, and strapless kite divisions.

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Classic BOTG Amateur Event — July 26, 2014

Men, Women, Groms, Lady Groms and Masters showcase their skills and compete for fabulous prizes.
A good time for spectators and kiteboarders alike!

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Windsurfers vs Kiters Blowout Race — AUGUST 16, 2014

Windsurfers and Kiters race for the first time in the 17 mile Stevenson to Hood River event.

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Gold Sponsors donated $500 worth of product!  Click to see webpage!

Silver Sponsors donated $250 worth of product!  Click to see webpage!

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Special Mentions donated prizes!  Click to see webpage!

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