The Blow Out

The 17+ mile down wind race from Stevenson to Hood River is planned to be held on July 21st.   As with every year, the race will be postponed if necessary as the race is only fun and, more importantly,  safe when the conditions are right.  The race is open to any and all Kiteboarders and Windsurfers who can confidently self rescue.  Registration will be from 9:30 – 10:00 am, with riders meeting to follow, and competition beginning shortly after.   By shortly, we mean as long as it takes to get 100 kiteboarders on the water!  We recommend being prepared immediately after registration to ensure the timeliness of the start.

 We are doing teams again this year, so remember this race is about working together as much as being faster than your buddy 😉 The finish line will be at the Marina Beach in Hood River, with food from the Local Grind, water, free beer from Double Mountain, and a killer after party and award ceremony to follow.  Free to anyone who competed in BOTG!  Prizes for all who enter!

Note: Shuttle services/Car Pooling will be available before and after the Blow Out.

It is $60 to compete.  The money goes towards insurance, rescue cars and other assistance available during the race!